ANMA - Ahmedabad Non-Ferrous Metal Exim Association

ANMA is an association representing India’s Non-Ferrous metals recycling industry. ANMA promotes public awareness of the value and importance of recycling along with the positive environmental benefits derived from metals recycling. ANMA is the Voice of the Indian Recycling Industry.

  • Interacting with various associations all over India for promotion and protection of trade.

  • Participating in various exhibitions and seminars for enriching the database for benefit of members.

  • Meeting regularly with various govt. authorities for sorting out any regulatory issue.

  • Arbitrating between members outsiders

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Import data

  • 51092 kgs. of 'Aluminium Ingot' imported at JNPT port in September, 2016.
  • 27480 kgs. of 'Copper Ingot' imported at DADRI - STTPL (CFS) port in July, 2016.

Export data

  • 1646 kgs. of 'Brass Rod' exported from MUNDRA port in March, 2016.
  • 15040 kgs. of 'Brass Artware' exported from KOLKATA SEA port in June, 2016.

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