About Us

Mtlexs.com is the World’s first and only database-driven marketplace, dedicated specifically to Non-Ferrous metals, leveraging the speed and power of internet. Unlike most of the other marketplaces, Mtlexs helps users match the products perfectly, eliminating the 99% garbage results.

Mtlexs.com is a fair and impartial marketplace where members connect online through a secure and reliable system, whereby increasing efficiency in their businesses as well as reducing costs, along with being a single source of worldwide news, local and international prices, local tender, projects data and import-export data for the Non-Ferrous metal industry.


Mtlexs.com features special categories for urgent delivery requirements, immediate, ready stock and excess stock availability along with the predefined buy and sale opportunity over planned buy or sale like projects and tenders. Mtlexs.com is an exclusive platform for matchmaking and negotiating that offers three level database-driven product categorization.

Beginning with a database of 7 metal types (Copper, Aluminium, Zinc, Lead, Tin, Cupro-Nickel, Brass), 25 alloy types and hundreds of product items, we already have a strong database of more than 36000+ members of Non-Ferrous metal manufacturers, sellers, exporters, buyers, consumers, importers, indenters, stockists and brokers.

What Makes Us Different From Other Players In The Market

Curently there is no online market place dedicated to Non-Ferrous Metals

Highly Technical and 3 layer database driven Matchmaking search engine dedicated to non ferrous metals- Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Cupro Nickel, Lead, Zinc

Technical Tools such as:

  • Weight calculator for all Non-Ferrous Metal product
  • Today’s prices
  • Currency convertor
  • Thickness Convertor
  • Landed Price of Metals in India.

Market Data Such as:

  • Live Local & International Prices of Primary as well as
  • Secondary metal products.
  • Indian/International Price Archives
  • Product Image Library
  • Latest News – Local and International
  • Upcoming Trade Shows & Events– Local and International

Technical Data such as:

  • About Metals & its Properties
  • Weight Calculator & Tools
  • Technical specification (ASTM and others) which includes charts, weights, standard and Chemical, physical, technical properties of the metal as well as testing procedures, specifications along with allowed tolerances.

Mobile apps such as:

  • Resources - market trends & Market Research.
  • Hot/urgent buy/sale options
  • Searchable Import and Export Data with Analytical Results/Trends.
  • Projects and Tender information with facility to bid online.
  • Small traders, villagers, household will also be the target users

Manufacturers of Plant & Machinery, tool makers, machinery makers required to Manufacturers Non Ferrous Metals can also display their Products here.