Base Metals Trade Favorably in Q1 2017

Base Metals Trade Favorably in Q1 2017

The first quarter of 2017 remained favorable for the non-ferrous metals as their prices appreciated by 6.65 per cent. Lead was the best performing metal in the quarter, recording an increase of 16.14 per cent while aluminium increased by 14.87 per cent. Weakness in US dollar index also lent support to the base metal prices in Q1. Base metal prices declined by 23.43 per cent in 2015. However, the prices saw a rebound in 2016, when base metal prices increased by 26.77%. 

Updated On 04-Apr-2017

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Import data

  • 2718 kgs. of 'Brass Strip' imported at GH GURGAON ICD port in September, 2016.
  • 51092 kgs. of 'Aluminium Ingot' imported at JNPT port in September, 2016.

Export data

  • 4981 kgs. of 'Copper Wire' exported from JNPT port in April, 2016.
  • 1458 kgs. of 'Brass Rod' exported from MUNDRA port in June, 2016.

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