International Conference & Exhibition on Zinc-Coated Steels in Infrastructure, Construction & Automobiles 2019

From 04-Feb-2019 To 05-Feb-2019 at Orchid Hotel, Mumbai. Maharashtra,India

The forthcoming conference– technology & market oriented– will focus on all types of Zinc coatings: hot dip galvanizing (batch & continuous), galvalume, thermal spraying, zinc plating, zinc rich paints etc., Zinc coating provides a long, maintenance–free protection to the steel from corrosion in a number of applications such as infrastructure, automobiles, building and construction (like plumbing pipes, scaffoldings, roofing sheets, sidewalls, railings, fencing etc.,)


These applications will continue to grow with improved living standards as well as the overall economic growth of the country. Galvanized rebar is also a proven remedy for corrosion in RCC structures in coastal locations and aggressive areas in many countries. With the increasing emphasis and proposed massive investments in infrastructure in India like power, telecom, highways, railways, ports, airports, renewable energy, corridor projects, smart cities, Bhartmala etc., there is a huge untapped potential for Zinc-coated steel products in these emerging segments. In addition, India has also become a major producer of automobiles; zinc– coated steel sheets are used in this sector to a significant extent in many overseas countries. The forthcoming conference will dwell on the economic & technical advantages of zinc-coated steel products in the infrastructural, automotive and construction sectors as well as the general and continuous galvanizing, galvalume, zinc spraying, zinc plating, zinc-rich paints etc., Hence an event, not to be missed by the zinc-coating industry, user sectors, govt depts., construction companies, builders, architects etc.


An exhibition, coinciding with the conference, to showcase the various applications of zinc-coated steel, latest developments in technology, plant & equipment, environment management, markets, quality assurance etc., is also being organized at the venue. The conference hall and exhibition stalls will be adjacent. Ample time will be provided to the delegates for visiting the stalls.

Event Details :

Address: Orchid Hotel, 70-C, Nehru Road, Near Domestic Airport, Vile Parle, Mumbai-400099. Maharashtra. India
Tel: 011-26056889
Web Site : Click Here

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