The 8th International Battery Conference (2020 IBC)

From 22-Jun-2020 To 23-Jun-2020 at Shenzhen,China,China

Intercontinental media 2020ILBC the first lithium battery industry conference will held at the same time


2020 Intercontinental media IBC conference gathers the international advanced technical force and international market channels to jointly explore the coordinated development of the industry, explore the new win-win mechanism of industrial chain cooperation, and share the fruits of innovation and development, so as to resist the operational risks brought by changes in market demand. The IBC conference continuously deepened the seamless connection with the international channel market, focusing on providing better service for battery enterprises, striving to realize industry chain resource sharing, deep integration, complementary advantages and coordinated development of the industrial chain, and jointly promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality development. 



Event Details :

Address: Shenzhen,China
Contact Person: Ms. Alyssa
Tel: +86 1323880780
Web Site : Click Here

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