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A-33, NandJyot Industrial Estate Safed Pool, A.K. Road, Mumbai - 400 072 Mumbai India 022 - 28526876

• To promote training and the diffusion of knowledge relating to standards in the manufacture of Tools and Gauges to improve the standards or the connected trade therewith or with allied industries and to impart relevant and appropriate training to all those engaged in the manufacture of tools and gauges. • To improve upon and to suggest the inspection specifications, procedure or material or other matters connected with the trade to the concerned authorities and to alleviate the grievances of the tool and gauge manufactures. • To promote cooperation between or cooperate with any other organized body or bodies whatsoever, by appointing members of the Association and others to represent the Association on any such body or bodies, to promote, support any other organised body for the furtherance of any of the objects contained therein. • To promote and encourage improvements in tool room industries for greater efficiency. • To organize relevant seminars, workshops and exhibitions etc to impart useful knowledge to the tool and gauge manufacturers. • To establish, run and maintain a library connected with the industry. • To print and publish periodicals, brochures relating to tool and gauge manufactures industry for enhancing knowledge and technology. • To promote the setting up of regional chapters to further the objectives of the Association. • To enhance the contribution of tool room industry to the growth and development of the Indian National Economy and to encourage members to be progressive. • To publish a directory of members with details of products manufactured and services offered. • To co-operate, join or participate or associate with other societies, institutions, association and organizations in the pursuit of all or any of the above objects or objects similar to akin to any of the above objects.

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Address: A-33, NandJyot Industrial Estate Safed Pool, A.K. Road, Mumbai - 400 072 , Mumbai , India
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Country: India
Tel: 022 - 28526876
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