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The Non-Ferrous Metals industry lives and thrives on sensitive market news & market data; be it national/international news, corporate news, industry news, market news, pricing (Local & International) and so on. We have an array of all of these as below.

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    As the name denotes, this is a list of today’s local/international rates of Raw material and for the first time; we list ball park prices of some finished & semi-finished goods as well.
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    Anything that you wish to know about the Non-Ferrous Metals – you will find it here; current/ Archived; Local/International; Corporate/ Market Related/Price related all types of News is listed here.
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    MTLEXS.Com will have details of all the Trade events/exhibitions/seminars connected to the Non-Ferrous Metal Industry which may be happening in any part of the globe. Further, we here also listed fairs held by the USER Industry. As of Now, we have many featured Trade events listed below. The best part is that, one can search for Trade events by country or month/year of the event.
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    At mtlexs we provide local/international prices of the Non Ferrous Metals on all the various platforms like International prices, BME, Indian Customs Currency rates. We also provide prices which are daily, fortnightly, monthly or yearly.
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    Our expert team strives to give the rate of production and usage of all the NF metals in their raw form and also under various categories, thus providing worldwide Demand and Supply figures.
  • About Metals

    We summarise basic nature, terms of use, property of the metals along with it's history and origin as well as the physical and chemical properties

Import data

  • 51640 kgs. of 'Aluminium Scrap' imported at JNPT port in April, 2016.
  • 10452 kgs. of 'Copper Wire' imported at JNPT port in August, 2016.

Export data

  • 2332 kgs. of 'Copper Strip' exported from JNPT port in September, 2016.
  • 1646 kgs. of 'Brass Rod' exported from MUNDRA port in March, 2016.

Trade Shows