Wrought Copper and Copper Alloys for general Engineering and Electrical Purposes

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BS Designation COPPER Material ISO Designation + Cu Other
C101 Electrolytic tough pitch high conductivity copper Cu-ETP 99.90 min. ---
C101 Electroytic tough pitch high conductivity copper with silver --- See table 3 ---
C104 Tough pitch non-arsenical copper Cu-FRTP 99.85.min ---
C106 Phosphorus deoxidized. non-arsenical copper Cu-DHP 99.85 min 0.013-0.050P
C107 Phosphorus deoxidized. arsenical copper Cu-AsP 99.20 min 0.30-0.50As.0.013-0.05P
BS Designation COPPER-NICKEL Material ISO Designation Cu Ni Other
CN101 95/5 copper-nickel-iron CuNi5Fe Rem 5.0-6.0 1.05-1.35Fe.0.30-0.80 Mn
CN102 90/10 copper-nickel-iron CuNi5Fe1Mn Rem 10.0-11.0 1.0-2.0Fe.0.50-1.0Mn
CN107 70/30 copper-nickel-iron ------ Rem 30.0-32.0

0.4-1.0 Fe 

0.50-1..5 Mn

CZ105 70/30 arsenical brass CuZn30As 70.0-73.0 Rem 0.02-0.06As
CZ106 70/30 brass CuZn30As 68.5-71.5 Rem ----
CZ110 Aluminium brass CuZn20A112 76.0-78.0 Rem 0.02-0.06As.1.80-2.30Al
CZ111 Admiralty brass CuZn28Sn1 70.0-73.0 Rem 0.02-0.06As
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