Metals Discoverer and Nationality

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Metals Discoverer and Nationality
No. Name Symbol Colour Discoverer Country of Discovery
1 Aluminium Al Silvery White Hans Christian Oersted Denmark
2 Antimony Sb Silver White Known Since Ancient Times  
3 Berium Ba Silvery White Sir Humphry Davy England
4 Beryllium Be Steel Grey Friedrich Wohier;A.A.Bussy Germany,France
5 Bismuth Bi White Known Since Ancient Times  
6 Cadmium Cd Bluish White Friedrich Stromeyer Germany
7 Caesium Cs Silvery White Gustav Kirchhiff; Germany
        Robert Bunsen  
8 Calcium Ca Silver Sir Humphry Davy England
9 Cerium Ce Iron Grey W.Von Hisinger: Sweden/Germany
        J.Berzellis M.Klaproth  
10 Chromium Cr Steel Grey Louis Vauquelin France
11 Cobalt Co Steel Grey Georg Brandt Sweden
12 Copper Cu Reddish Orange Known Since Ancient Times  
13 Dysprosium Dy Silvery Paul Emile Lecoq De France
14 Erbium Er Silvery Carl Mosander Sweden
15 Europium Eu Silvery White Eugene Demarcay France
16 Gadolinium Gd Silvery White Jean De Marignac Switzerland
17 Gallium Ga Silvery Paul Emile Lecoq De France
18 Germanium Ge Grey White Clemens Winkler Germany
19 Gold Au Bright Yellow Known Since Ancient Times  
20 Hafnium Hf Silvery Dirk Coster:George Von Hevesy Demark
21 Holmium Ho Silver White J.L. Soret Switzerland
22 Indium In Silvery White Ferdinand Reich H.Richter Germany
23 Iridium Ir Whitesh Yellow Smithson Tennant England
24 Iron Fe Silvery White Known Since Ancient Times  
25 Lanthanum La Silvery White Carl Mosander Sweden
26 Lead Pb Bluish White Known Since Ancient Times  
27 Lithium Li Silvery Johann Arivedson Sweden
28 Lutelium Lu Silvery White Georges Urbain France
29 Magnesium Mg Silvery Sir Humphry Davy England
30 Manganese Mn Grey White Johan Gahn Sweden
31 Mercury Hg Silvery White Known Since Ancient Times  
32 Molybdenum Mo Grey Carl Wilhelm Scheele Sweden
33 Neodymium Nd Silvery C.F.Auer Von Welsbach Austria
34 Neptunium Np Silvery E.M.McMillan;P.H.Abelson United State
35 Nickel Nil Silvery Axel Cronstedt Sweden
36 Niobium Nb Silvery Charles Hatchett England
37 Osmium Os Bluish White Smithson Tennant England
38 Palladium Pd Steel White William Wollaston England
39 Platinum Pt Silver White Julius Scaliger Italy
40 Plutonium Pu Silvery G.t.Seaborg;J.W.Kennedy; United State
41 Potassium K Silver White Sir Humphry Davy England
42 Praseodymium Pr Yellow C.F.Auer Welsbach Austria
43 Protactinium Pa   Otto Hahn;Lise Meitner Germany
        Frederic Soddy,John Cranston England
44 Radium Ra Brilliant White Pierre & Marle Curie France
45 Rhenium Re Silvery White Walter Noddack;Ida Tacke; Germany
        Otto Berg  
46 Rhodium Rh Silvery White William Wollaston England
47 Rubidium Rb Silvery White R Bunsen;G.Kirchholf Germany
48 Ruthenium Ru White Karl Klaus Russia
49 Samarium Sm Silvery/Pale Grey Paul Emile Lecoq De Boisbaudron France
50 Scandium Sc Silvery White Lars Nilson Sweden
51 Silver Ag White Known Since Ancient Times  
52 Sodium Na Silver White Sir Humphry Davy England
53 Strontium Sr Silvery A.Crawford Scotland
54 Tantalum Ta Grey Anders Ekeberg Sweden
55 Terbium Tb Silvery Grey Carl Mosander Sweden
56 Thallium Ti Bluish Grey Sir William Crookes England
57 Thorium Th Silvery White Jons Berzelius Sweden
58 Thulium Tu Bright Silvery Per Teodor Cleve Sweden
59 Tin Sn Silvery Known Since Ancient Times  
60 Titanium Ti Silvery Grey William Gregor England
61 Tungsten W Steel Grey Fausto & Juan Hose De Elhuyar Spain
62 Uranium U Silvery White Martin Klaproth Germany
63 Vanadium V Bright White Nils Sefstrom Sweden
64 Ytterbium Yb Silvery Jean De Marignac Switzerland
65 Yttrium Y Silvery Johann Godolin Finland
66 Zinc Zn Bluish White Andreas Marggraf Germany
67 Zirconium Zr Greyish White Martin Klaproth Germany
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