Industrial classification of metals

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Heavy Light Smaller Minor Noble Refractory Rare Earth Disseminated Radio Active  
Copper Aluminium Antimony Gold Chromium Cerium Gallium Neptunium Iron
Lead Barium Bismuth Iridium Manganese Dysprosium Germanium Protactinium  
Nickel Beryllium Cadmium Osmium Molybdenum Erbium Hafnium Plutonium  
Tin Caesium Cobalt Palladium Niobium Europium Indium Radium  
Zinc Calcium Mercury Platinum Rhenium Gadolinium Rhenium Thorium  
  Lithium   Rhodium Tantalum Holmium Thallium Uranium  
  Magnesium   Ruthenium Titanium Lanthanum      
  Potassium   Silver Tungsten Lutetium      
  Rubidium     Vanadium Neodymium      
  Sodium     Zirconium Praseodymium      
  Strontium       Samarium      
  Titanium       Scandium      
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Conversion Table Inches to Millimetres
Conversion Table For Gauges to inches & mm
Wrought Copper and Copper Alloys for general Engineering and Electrical Purposes
Weights of Brass, Copper, Phosphor bronze and Zinc sheets.
Compatible Technical Specifications - (BS / ASTM / DIN / JIS / IS) for Various Copper and Copper Alloy Tubes
Classification of Non-ferrous metals as per periodic table of elements
Metals Discoverer and Nationality
Fraction Conversion Chart
Hardness Conversion Table
ISRI Specifications for Metal Scrap & Bullion
Conversion Table of all Technical Terms / Scientific Specifications Alphabetically
Copper and Alloy Specification as per ASTM standards
Nominal Compositions
Mechanical Properties of Heat Exchanger and Condenser Tubes
Mechanical Properties at High Temperature Heat Exchanger and Condenser Tubes

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